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Shiku 【・、・】 

I don't speak in English... I apologise for the grammatical,grammaticality mistakes. ^^"
Konnichi' minna-san~! Shiku de~su. (Yoshikuni Nanami... 【吉国・七海 ~四く】 Because of the name generator ^^)
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~!

I'm 20 years old girl, from Hungary.
I'm not an artist, but adore to draw ☺.
What could I write moreover?
My younger brother: Redi :hug:

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Thx by s-haa
GelJeng Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello~ Thank you for the favs! Kano Shuuya (Who did she say was cute) [V12] 
HappyMahogany Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Artist
Thanks for the Fav 
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Star! Welcome to Mekakushi Dan 目隠し ダン  Star!

- Let's introduce us again
- The one with the vicious glare is our Mekakushi Dan's #1 Member, The Danchou Kido!
- The one who looks like a giant frog is Member #2 Seto!
- The white fluffy one is Mary-chan, Member #4!
- The girl over there is Momo, Member #5, you might know her as an idol too.
- The one that is on the screen is Ene, Member #6!
- The one with that red sweater is Shintaro, Member #7!
- The little kid is Hibiya, Member #8!
- The quiet one that is eating BBQ in the background is Konoha, Member#9!
- Last but not least, I'm Member #3, Kano!
- We've also got our own Steam Community too! O(≧▽≦)O 
- We avoid the Police's eyes and infiltrate dangerous facilities to borrow various things... (^ω^) 
- Ah, Crap...
- Ouch! ☆⌒(>。≪) 

- You're talking too much again!!! (#`д´)ノ 

- Since you've discovered our secret, we can't let you leave...

- Sorry it's all the Idiot's Fault (ノ´д`) 
- Welcome new member, but you have no right to refuse.
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